Office Furniture: A Brief but Comprehensive Overview

Office Furniture

When you’re setting up an office, it’s very important to get all the furniture just right. There are some surprising facts that make office furniture highly important: it can not only affect the comfort and productivity levels of your employees, but it can also make an impression on business partners and on clients. Some businesses have even found that after modernizing their office furniture to cutting edge design standards, they notice huge jumps in worker productivity, much lower turnover rates, and much higher rates of client retention and satisfaction. This is because feeling comfortable and at peace makes people enjoy their time in your office much more, and as a result they feel trust and contentment when thinking about your business. So, here’s a quick overview of the do’s and don’t’s of the major types of office furniture.

1. Lighting: a very important part of any office layout, good modern lighting can dramatically improve the health and well-being of your employees and clients. Many businesses find improvements after turning away from harsh fluorescent lighting and installing modern “warm LEDs” that mimic the light of the sun.

2. Desks and chairs: since many people in your office will be sitting all day, it is very important that they are comfortable. Discomfort can lead to back problems and poor office morale. Seating is also very important for clients – you want them to feel like coming back to your office, so you want them to be very comfortable. Big, plushy couches are great for this.

3. Tables and cabinets: many offices need to store a great number of client files and project documents, but you have to be careful not to let filing cabinets take over the office. Many modern low-profile cabinets give your office a more “open” look while providing excellent storage space.

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